About Motion Orthopedic

Motion Orthopedic was established in Dec 2013 as a medical equipment company which provides full prosthetic and orthotic services. After two years of establishment and the success, founder decides to go a step ahead and established HAAD registered (Now DOH) prosthetic and orthotic centre in Nov 2016 with the name of Motion Orthopedic Compensation Devices Lab. It was a big achievement as it is the first company in Abu Dhabi of its kind. Today we are Daman health insurance provider and providing first class prosthetic and orthotic services to our patients.

About The Founder – Mr. Imran Khan

Mr. Imran Khan is a Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist from PIPOS in Pakistan. Soon after his Graduation in 2005, he moved to UAE to work as a CPO. He gained experience by working with multinational firm and developed a vast network and reputation among people related to this industry. He founded Motion Orthopedic in the year 2013, as a multi-dimensional and full service organization to cater to this ever-growing and competitive industry

Motion Orthopedic is the foundation stone of my vision, a vision for innovation and excellence in Orthotics and Prosthetic services. We have taken the first step by establishing a full service and a well-equipped lab which enables us to cater the demands of the physically challenged and disabled. Our journey has just begun, we have a long way to go.
After 4 years of establishing MOTION ORTHOPEDIC, I am happy to announce the milestone we have achieve in a short span of time. Now, we are a Department of health (DOH) Prosthetic and Orthotics Licensed Facility and a Daman Health Insurance Provider. Our topmost priority is providing a better care to our patients with high degree of satisfaction. With the great dedication and hard work, together, with my team we reach this stage and will continue to soar high.


Our mission is to provide excellence in patient care through innovation and expertise and thereby achieve the best patient satisfaction. Our entire team is passionate about the individual roles they play and always look forward to multitask when required for the benefit of the project / patient. We ensure that our years of experience, knowledge, efficiency and quality care enables us to provide the highest level of service possible at a most reasonable cost.


  • Maintain a team of experienced, progressive, and passionate professionals who share a common desire to serve the physical and emotional needs of our patients.
  • Responsibly utilize the latest medically necessary technologies in orthotics and prosthetics, as prescribed.
  • Provide expedited delivery, excellent customer service, and continuity of care to each patient.
  • Create continued education opportunities for area medical professionals and promote limb loss awareness and the needs of others with physical deficits within the community.


The MOTION ORTHOPEDIC team is dedicated to the primary purpose of assisting patients to maintain functional lives and will provide patient care with honour and integrity.
Discovery: Explore and bring to light new knowledge, new ideas and better ways of providing care.
Creativity: Instill our work with imagination and innovation.
Excellence: Deliver the highest quality products and services in all endeavours.
Integrity: Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.
Service: Be of benefit to our team, our community and our patients.

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